General provisions

These conditions apply to the MuseumTV Friend membership.

Definition member
People who have registered themselves as Friend of MuseumTV and payed the required minimum membership contribution to Stichting Ons Museum.

MuseumTV Friend Membership
Everyone over the age of 18 can become a friend of MuseumTV. The membership starts on the same date you register yourself and lasts for a year. After a year it is extended for an indefinite period until resignation. The Friend Membership of MuseumTV gives you access products and services that are exclusive for paying members. For more information, take a look at ‘products and services’.

Membership from abroad
People who are not residents of the Netherlands can also become members of MuseumTV. Regardless of the residency the structural support is the same amount as the yearly required minimum membership contribution.

The Friend Membership and structural support
Friend Membership: the member pays the agreed membership contribution annually. The membership lasts until resignation. The membership is converted into a membership for an indefinite period after the first year, unless the member cancels their subscription before that time.

Who can use the membership?
The Friend Membership is personally bound. A spouse or partner can also make use of the membership. If the partners prefer to us the services under their own name and with their own data, they must register their own membership. They both pay the structural support of their choice.

Starting membership
MuseumTV strives to handle your membership within five working days after receiving the application. After you have registered yourself to be a friend of MuseumTV, you will receive a confirmation email.

Extension and terminating the membership
MuseumTV is part of Stichting Ons Museum. This foundation has an ANBI (public benefit institution) status. Your membership will be yearly renewed for the duration of one calendar year, unless the owner terminates their membership.

You are able to cancel your membership. After the first year, the membership can be cancelled monthly. Unfortunately, no partial refund can be made.

Method of cancellation
The membership can be cancelled by sending an e-mail to [email protected] The member will receive a confirmation of the cancellation by e-mail.

Payment of the membership fee

The contribution for the Friend Membership can be paid through an iDeal payment and/or a continuous SEPA authorization.

In the event of non-payment or incomplete payment, a reminder will be sent.

In the absence of payment without a legitimate reason, MuseumTV is entitled to terminate the membership or to discontinue it until the amount due has been received.

Height of membership contribution
The height of the minimum structural donation in the form of a membership contribution communicates to MuseumTV at every registration facility (offline and online). This structural donation is partially deductible from the tax. For more information about donating to a cultural ANBI visit

If the member wants to increase the membership fee, this can be done by contacting [email protected].


How does MuseumTV handle personal data? The protection and security of personal data of both members and visitors of MuseumTV are essential. MuseumTV follows the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). MuseumTV will never provide your personal data to third parties without your permission or if there is a legal basis for this. MuseumTV has the right to make changes to this statement. Therefore, check the Privacy Policy regularly for the most up to date policy.

User group
Participants of MuseumTV’s user group can participate voluntarily in research initiated by MuseumTV. Participation in the user group is only available for Friends of MuseumTV.

Handling complaints
If you have a complaint about your MuseumTV Friend Membership, you can send your message to [email protected]. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Products and services
The use of the Friend Membership is partially via the website The member must first log in, to use all the services on the website. In addition to the website, MuseumTV will offer other actions to its members via e-mail and/or social media.

MuseumTV is entitled to expand or remove services.

Members use the services on their own responsibility and take part in activities or actions from MuseumTV on their own responsibility. MuseumTV does not accept liability unless it directly results from the law.


MuseumTV continuously strives to improve its products and services. It may therefore be necessary to adjust these conditions. The applicable general terms and conditions are stated on the MuseumTV website.

Do you have questions about the MuseumTV Friend Membership in connection with the General Terms and Conditions? Feel free to contact MuseumTV via [email protected]

The mission of MuseumTV is to introduce art and culture to the biggest audience possible. We do this on our joint video on demand platform for Dutch museums. Through our partners we bring the platform to the attention of the Dutch public actively.


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