Nubia – Land of the Black Pharaohs

Discover the old Nubia in the exhibition ‘Nubia – Land of the Black Pharaohs’ in the Drents Museum. Here you will find a beautiful collection of Nubian objects that will take you back in time.

Thanks to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, this exhibition can now be seen in the Drents Museum. No fewer than 300 objects from the Nubian collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston can be admired during this exhibition. These impressive objects from the period of 2400 BC. until about 350 AD. tell the story of the love-hate relationship between ancient Egypt and the Nubians.


Black Pharaohs

The history of the Nubian area was closely linked to that of the Egyptian pharaohs. In the exhibition, the time between 2400 BC. until about 350 AD. is highlighted. The period of 750 and 664 BC. is the main focus. During this period, the Nubians conquered Egypt and the Black Pharaoh ruled over the empire. You will find out why the history of the Nubian area is so closely linked to that of Egyptian culture. And why the Nubian pharaohs were called Black Pharaohs.


Discover the mysterious collection

In addition to the ruling Black Pharaohs, you can also discover the mystery of Ancient Nubia. This story is told by the 300 objects that can now be seen in the Drents Museum. Among the top pieces are the finds from the pyramid of King Taharqa, including 60 shawabti’s. These are mummy shaped figures, that functioned as a servant of the deceased in the hereafter.

In addition to these special objects, there are many more things to discover in the exhibition. For example, the beautiful gold jewelry of the Nubian queens that were found in other Nubian pyramids. Come and admire the exhibition at the Drents Museum and discover all the secrets of Nubia. The exhibition can be seen until May 5th, 2019.



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