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Clocks and carillons

This beautiful collection was formed in 1969, by the campanologist Dr. André Lehr. He was co-founder of the National Carillon Museum and the first curator of the museum. The museum also purchased a large collection of clocks (sarna collection) from the US, partly because of his advice. In addition, they also have many clock collections on loan from larger museums. The museum can therefore exhibit a beautiful and diverse collection. The core of the collection consists of carillons and bells from the former Low Countries. In addition, there are also clocks from other cultures. For example, discover Arabic water clocks and clocks from Asia and learn the different techniques of measuring time.

Currently, you can also view a temporary exhibition at Museum Klok & Peel. In this exhibition you learn more about the story of the robbery of 6,700 swinging bells from the Dutch church towers in the 1940s. The German occupiers used the bronze bells to extract raw materials for the arms industry.


The Peel

In addition to the beautiful bells and carillons, there also is a wonderful collection of natural and cultural-historical objects that tell the story of The Peel. This collection originated from Asten in 1973, where a nature study center was founded by Jan Vriends. This center developed into what is now Natural History Museum The Peel. The collection was expanded with collected objects from museum staff and by donations. When you visit the current museum, you take a journey back in time. The story begins 10 million years ago, when The Peel area was still under water. Many fossils that prove this can be found in the museum. The finds exhibited here tell the story, and you end up in the Pliocene (an era 2 million years ago), when The Peel area had a Mediterranean climate. Find out what kind of animals were around at that time. The collection takes you further towards the present day, one step at a time. You’ll learn how The Peel area has developed into what it is today.



Museum informatie

Museum Klok & Peel
Ostaderstraat 23
5721 WC

0493 - 691865
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Children 4 - 18 y.o.€5.00
Children under 4 Gratis

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