Museum De Buitenplaats

The Museum Pavilion

The dilapidated 17th century Nijsinghhuis was bought by Jos and Janneke van Groeningen in 1971. The restoration of the house turned into the construction of a museum. This gave the couple space for their growing collection of contemporary figurative art. Slowly but surely, a larger museum plan came into being. It consisted of the restoration, refurbishment and opening of the Nijsinghhuis, a museum pavilion where the collection could be exhibited, and also the reconstruction of the gardens. On the 9thof October in 1996, the museum pavilion was opened with great fanfare by none other than our former Queen Beatrix. Besides the fact that there is a beautiful collection on display in the pavilion, the architecture is also magnificent. It seems to be part of the nature, which was the intention of architectural firm Alberts & Van Huut. Their motto is “We don’t create architecture, we create nature”.

The gorgeous gardens

Janneke van Groeningen had a passion for gardens, making the garden an important part of Museum De Buitenplaats. The gardens were designed by landscape architect J’ørn Copijn and garden architect Charlotte Korthals. The garden is divided into three parts: a garden maze, a sunken pond garden and an Appelhof. The formal part of the garden fits the style of the Nijsinghhuis.


Finally, there’s the Nijsinghhuis, which is the starting point for Museum De Buitenplaats. Over the years, a number of rooms have been painted by Northern figurative painters, including Matthijs Röling, Wout Muller, Olga Wiese, Clary Mastenbroek and Pieter Pander. Admire the Blue Room by Matthijs Röling. Look for the grey elephant, the procession of easterners and the Egyptian vulture. Explore this special house and let it surprise you.

Changing exhibits

Museum De Buitenplaats organizes four exhibitions a year. They focus on contemporary art in which figuration plays a role, works on paper, garden architecture and the mutual influence of art and nature. A good example of the latter theme is The Journey of Plants exhibition, which was inspired by the garden at Museum De Buitenplaats. The garden boasts an array of exotic plants from the Himalayas, China, Japan and Chile, as well as other places. In this exhibition, you can see beautiful drawings of exotic plants and discover the exciting stories about how different plants ended up in different country. In The Journey of Plants, you’ll see work from seven renowned botanical artists: Anita Walsmit Sachs (the Netherlands), Beverly Allen (Australia), Carol Woodin (United States), Helen Allen (United Kingdom), Jee-Yeon Koo (South Korea), Vicki Thomas (South Africa) and Mieko Ishikawa (Japan).



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Museum De Buitenplaats


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