The Markiezenhof was not always a court and has had different functions over time. The Markiezenhof was founded in he end of the Middle Ages. The court was owned by the lords of Bergen op Zoom: Jan van Glymes II and III, father and son who were both lords of Bergen op Zoom. From 1485 to 1727, the Markiezenhof served as the noble residential palace for the lords, and later marquises, of Bergen op Zoom. At that time, it was also the administrative centre of the Marquisate. The building even functioned as a military hospital from 1795-1819 and then as a barracks until 1957. In 1968, they made the decision to turn the court into a museum, and after a major renovation it opened its doors in 1987.

The museum’s rich history

In the Markiezenhof, you’ll not only step into the rich history of the court, but also get acquainted with the history of Bergen op zoom itself. Start with the Lords of Bergen op Zoom and discover why the lords of Bergen op Zoom were later called Marquises. It begins with the construction of the Markiezenhof, with residents Jan II (1417-1494) and Jan III (1452-1532) of Glymes. The title of Marquis was first granted to Anthony van Glymesby Emperor Charles V. With the arrival of the French in 1795, the authority of the marquises came to an end and the Marquisate was added to the French Republic. Curious about the rest of the story? Explore the next chapter in the Courtroom and Period Rooms at the Markiezenhof.

In the Blue Hall, you’ll learn the story of Bergen op Zoom as a trading center and fortified city. The city has played an important role in Dutch history as a trading center and fortress city. Finally, take a look at the second floor, where you’ll learn the history of the annual fairs and the role they played in the history of Bergen op zoom.

So much more in the Markiezenhof

You will also find other forms of art, such as musical performances or famous speakers. Curious about the Markiezenhof? Check out the mini documentary on the website.



Museum informatie

Steenbergsestraat 6-8
4611 TE
Bergen op Zoom

0164 - 277 077
[email protected]


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Children 6 - 18 y.o.€5.50
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