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McLaren Exhibition

Until 27 August 2017, the museum’s main hall features the McLaren Exhibition. McLaren is one of the oldest, and still active, names at Formula 1. In this exhibition, 16 McLarens cover the period 1971 to 2016. Most have competed at Formula 1. Three of the cars were even world champions thanks to the driving skills of the legendary drivers Senna, Häkkinen and Hamilton. With the Dutch driver Max Verstappen going for the top prize this year, this subject is more topical than ever.

Het Louwman Museum

One auto brand is particularly well represented at the Louwman Museum: the Spyker – ‘the Rolls Royce of the Lowlands’. The Spyker collection takes the museum’s centre spot, with one particular model, world’s first six-cylinder car, getting it’s own special wing.

In addition to an immense selection of cars, the museum also has a large hall filled with car-related posters, paintings and drawings.

Famous cars at the Louwman Museum

The collection also includes cars that had famous owners, such as James Bond, Sir Winston Churchill and Elvis Presley.

Perhaps the most special car is the one that the eccentric and wealthy Scotsman Robert Matthewson had built 1910 while living in Calcutta. Shaped like a swan, this car is one of the most expensive every built and was meant to shock the local elite. Unfortunately, Matthewson could only enjoy his car briefly, since during his first ride the car caused such an uproar that the police took it off the road.

Art-bite: McLaren

Until 27 August, Louwman Museum is exhibiting 16 McLaren automobiles, including three world champions. McLaren is one of the oldest still-active names in the world of Formula 1.

Promo: Louwman Museum

In this promo, you are introduced to Louwman Museum’s collection that presents the history of the automobile.




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