Garden Paintings & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

Garden Paintings

If you are a true fan of nature, Singer Laren is the perfect place to be this summer. There are two exhibitions, fully equipped with the theme ‘the garden’, to visit.

In the exhibition Garden Paintings you can see exactly that: painted gardens. From the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the Second World War, many artists were interested in portraying gardens. A large number of these paintings can now be seen in this exhibition in Singer Laren. The different artists had different reasons for painting a garden. Some liked to paint people in the garden. Robert Graafland did this in many of his paintings, for example. In addition, some gardens are simply beautiful and the artists enjoyed capturing it on the canvas. The explosions of color that artists such as Claude Monet, Evert Pieters and Emil Nolde deliver, do not suspect much else. Many artists also found it fun to paint their own garden, just like how many people take pictures of their garden in the present day.

Sculpture garden and Piet Oudolf

Singer Laren not only opens within an exhibition. Outside, visitors can walk around for free through the newly landscaped sculpture garden, part of Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018. The garden was designed by internationally renowned garden architect Piet Oudolf. He previously designed the Gardens of Remembrance to commemorate the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Even now, he pulls out al the stops. The design is simplistic in terms of lines, but more than a hundred varieties of flowers are used. The choice of flowers ensures that the garden changes by season and you may need to visit a few times to get a complete picture of the sculpture garden.

A lobby has been set up inside Singer Laren in which Piet Oudolf explains the choices he has made for the garden. In addition to the designs of the Singer Laren garden, an overview of his other work can also be seen.

The exhibition Painted gardens can still be visited until the end of August. The sculpture garden will be open for a longer period of time and can be visited free of charge.






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