Collection Museum of the Twentieth Century

How did our (grand)parents live? With what toys did kids play? What kind of stores existed? How did people cook? What did people do in their spare time? What did television or radio broadcast? These questions are answered in this nostalgic museum with thousands of objects in different formations.

Party of recognition

While you can be surprised about all the things that have changed in the twentieth century, you will recognize a lot. The old living room reminds you of your grandma’s living room. Your father drove around on that old moped. I used to play with these toys and that radio used to be in our house!

The Museum of the Twentieth Century is a true Party of Recognition. You’ll discover fun objects from the past but you will also learn about poverty, working hard and long, and simple living conditions. Never before, there was a century where so much has changed but in the twentieth century. A century which gave everyone more spare time, made everyone mobile, think about the car and a bike, a century which made us able to communicate with the whole world and changed our society for good.

Museum for everyone

Young and old will recognize things in this museum. For the one it’s the toys Meccano, for the other the orange emaille pots and pans. The first gameboy with Pong or the old video recorder with piano keys maybe. The interior of the Grutters shop or the one of the haberdashery shop. The lavet in the old badroom or the coal stove in the living room from the fifties. Every visitor can see the recognizable nostalgic objects. Often in a striking formation like an old classroom, a shopping district, or a kitchen interior. 


The Museum shows in a couple of regular collections the many developments of the twentieth century, but also has changing expositions in three rooms. This way, there is always something new to discover. On the site of the museum you will find the most current offer of activities and exhibitions.

Old prison

The Museum of the Twentieth Century is located in an old prison on the beautiful Oostereiland at the charming harbor of Hoorn. The museum disposes of a big MuseumShop and an open Depot where the audience can see what the museum collects and manages. You can reach the entry of the Museum of the Twentieth Century is through the courtyard of the former prison on the Oosterisland.




Museum informatie

Museum of the Twentieth Century
Krententuin 24
1621 DG

[email protected]




Children 4 - 16 y.o.€5.00

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