Black White Grey in PIT Safety Museum

Black White Grey

From May 1940 the Dutch police ended up in a difficult situation: the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany. On the one hand, the police had to implement the ordinances of Nazi Germany, but on the other hand they wanted to protect the Dutch population. The police thus ended up in a dilemma between collaboration and resistance. How did the Dutch police deal with the gray area between them?

The exhibition Black White Grey: the Dutch Police During the Second World War paints a picture based on objects, documents, photographs, videos and personal stories of the Dutch Police during the Second World War. In addition, discover how policemen of today respond to their former colleagues. Learn what dilemmas policemen face today.

Look on the of the museum which activities are organized around Black White Grey website.

2018 – Year of the resistance

The year 2018 is the Year of Resistance. This year is dedicated to Resistance during the Second World War. Various activities take place throughout the Netherlands to get people acquainted and to think about resistance. Get to know a variety of resistance stories and discover how they are still important today.

The Police Academy and the Anne Frank Foundation

The exhibition Black White Grey is, in part, made possible by a partnership between PIT Safety Museum, the Police Academy and the Anne Frank Foundation. The Second World War and the period of occupation exposed dilemmas for individual policemen, which forced them to make their own choices. This period in history is therefore extremely suitable for viewing contemporary dilemmas from a different perspective.



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