Action <-> Reaction in Kunsthal Rotterdam

Action <-> Reaction in Kunsthal Rotterdam

In Kunsthal Rotterdam you can visit an impressive exhibition: ‘Action <-> Reaction. 100 Years of Kinetic Art’. In this exhibition, you’ll find find around 80 works made by the most famous kinetic artists. Go visit and get your senses stimulated!

Discover the history of kinetic art: from pioneers such as Marcel Duchamp, Alexander Calder and Victor Vasarely, to contemporary artists such as Julio Le Parc, Gerhard von Graevenitz, Christian Megert, Bridget Riley, Yayoi Kusama, Jan van Munster and Dan Flavin, and later generations, including Jeppe Hein, Žilvinas Kempinas, and Philippe Decrauzat. You can also admire works by Heinz Mack, Otto Piene and Günther Uecker, part of the German avant-garde group Zero. You’ll enter a world which stimulates all of your senses.


Kinetic art

Kinetic art is an abstract art movement from the 20th century, focused on light and movement. This art movement came out as a reaction to the progress of scientific and technical knowledge. After the Second World War, kinetic art played an important role in the dematerialization of art. Art only becomes art when the viewer perceives or experiences it. Starting in 1955, as a result of the exhibition ‘Le Mouvement’ that took place in the Denise René gallery in Paris, many developments gathered together. Marcel Duchamp’s rotating rotor reliefs, Alexander Calder’s mobiles and Jean Tinguely’s work became the genesis of the kinetic movement. Now, 100 years later, a diverse collection of kinetic art can be viewed at Kunsthal Rotterdam.



There are many works of art to admire, including some beautiful pieces that you can’t miss out on. The monumental ‘Mechanisches Ballet’ by Heinz Mack from 1963, which exists only as a model, is being staged in the Kunsthal for the first time. It has references to Fernand Léger and Oskar Schlemmer. The exhibition is partially comprised of a light and sound show featuring musical pieces of the composer György Ligeti. In addition to this world premiere, the work ‘Blaues Segel’ by German artist Hans Haacke from 1964/’65 will also be shown. The piece consists of a blue canvas and a fan that constantly keeps it in undulating motion. Get moving with 100 years of Kinetic art at Kunsthal Rotterdam. The exhibiton will be presented from until the 20thof January, 2019. For more information, check out our website and enjoy the promo and mini documentary!



Museum informatie

Kunsthal Rotterdam
Westzeedijk 341
3015 AA

+31 (0)10 – 4400 300


Maandag Gesloten


Youth up to 17 years of age Gratis
CJP cardholders and students up to 26 years of age€7.00

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