Enlarge the digital accessibility of museums

With MuseumTV, cultural institutes and museums will get new possibilities to be digital accessible and visible, and to gain attention for their expositions of a bigger public. By working together with diverse media and distribution partners, the reach of one individual museum wil substantially be enlarged. This way, museums reach a bigger and partly new public. Both big and small cultural institutes get democratic the attention.

Make art & culture online accessible for everyone

The mission of Foundation Our Museum is to bring an as wide as possible public in contact with art and culture. MuseumTV fully agrees to this mission. MuseumTV offers the viewer a platform, on which videos and films about exhibitions, expositions and museums are on demand. We are there for the lovers of museums but also for the curious, interested newcomer with a little bit more hesitation (SCP target group „interested not visitor“). MuseumTV takes thresholds away. By giving more insight beforehand, expectations are managed. And maybe even outdone.

Deepening and enrichment of a museum visit

On the platform there is space for the deepening and enrichment with mini-documentaries, photo albums, and stories about museums, artists and art movements. The content is the story of the exhibition. And it exists of the historical context and the message the exhibition wants to transmit with the art works and the artists. Every content is made under a redactional formula by experts, tv producers and curators of participating museums. Even when the exhibition has ended, the exhibition page will still be available. This takes away the temporality of the exhibitions and forms an exhibition archive.

More information?

More information about what MuseumTV can do for you as a museum? Contact via  [email protected] or look here at the frequently asked questions.

The mission of MuseumTV is to introduce art and culture to the biggest audience possible. We do this on our joint video on demand platform for Dutch museums. Through our partners we bring the platform to the attention of the Dutch public actively.


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