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Zeeuws Museum

Zeeuws Museum

The Zeeuws Museum is located in the Abbey of Middelburg, a complex in the middle of the city consisting of five towers, gates and a square. The provincial government, the Lange Jan, the Koorkerk and the Nieuwe Kerk are located here as well.

The Zeeuws Museum inspires and amazes residents and visitors with a surprising picture of Zeeland’s past, present and future. With a diverse range of exhibitions, the museum connects the Zeeuws cultural heritage to the world.

The collection

In the Art Museum section (“Het Kunstmuseum”), the Zeeuws Museum shows familiar as well as lesser-known contemporary paintings that were commissioned by the museum. Furthermore, fashion and regional dress, archaeological and natural history objects are part of the collection. Often in multi-year projects, a connection is made with contemporary manufacturers. The museum also exhibits beautiful handicrafts as well as a collection of famous and remarkable Zeeland tapestries, featuring historic sea battles. Between 1593 and 1604, the States of Zeeland had six tapestries made on which the Eighty Years’ War in the area of Zeeland was depicted.

Rooms of Wonder

In the Rooms of Wonder (“Wonderkamers”), you will discover cabinets that feature over 800 exotic and Zealandish objects. Each cabinet has a specific theme: Home & Trade, Life & Death and Power & Splendor. The Home & Trade Cabinet deals with trade, living and leisure and shows, among other things, Chinese porcelain and reed mats from Indonesia. In Life & Death you will find objects about saying farewell, new life, family and religion, such as the Zealandish mourning garments or even an Egyptian mummy! Power & Splendor shows the human need for conspicuous consumption, for the sake of outward appearances and displays of power. In this particular room, you will find shiny jewelry, weapons and uniforms.

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