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Safety Museum PIT
Schipperplein 4
1315 SB

036 844 66 37
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13 years and older€10.00
Children 4 - 12€7.00
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Safety Museum PIT

The PIT Veiligheidsmuseum (Safety Museum) consists of a historical collection and interactive games. The museum is fun for both young and old.


The historical collection of the PIT Veiligheidsmuseum (Safety Museum) consists of 750 museum pieces, such as historic vehicles, uniforms and weapons. The collection is divided into various parts: control room, fire brigade, GHOR, ambulances, proffesional criminals, traffic control, crime scene, police, weapons, domestic violence and the future. In PIT you can go along all the highlights of the museum together. An experienced specialist tells the story. The collection is important because it shows how the Dutch government together with citizens have organized the enforcement of the rule of law, physical security and emergency medical care. The museum also shows why this has been done in this way, get a tour here.

Interactive games

In addition to viewing the historical collection, there is always something to do in Veiligheidsmuseum (Safety Museum) PIT. Take a look at a police cell or go aboard the fireboat. The PIT pass gives you the opportunity to participate in all kinds of interactive games. You can extinguish a digital fire, solve a crime or test how safe you are on the go-kart track. The activities always vary, so always check out the agenda.

For more information, also check the website.

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