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Are you interested in modern and contemporary art? Then you are at the right place at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam! The museum provides a platform for artists who look at contemporary society in an ironic way. It is also a boutique museum. This means that there is a lot of focus on the general public.


Big names such as Banksy and Andy Warhol can be seen in this museum. Warhol made Pop-Art, art for the ordinary person. That is exactly the idea behind the museum. Banksy makes a lot of art in public space. His art is thus very visible in everyday life. The Moco Museum owns a number of iconic works by Banksy that are worth seeing in person.


The museum is in a very central location, namely on the Museumplein. The building in which the museum is located was designed by Eduard Cuypers in 1904. He was the cousin of Pierre Cuypers, the architect of, among others, the Rijksmuseum. The building, also called Villa Alsberg, is a stately mansion that is well maintained. The widow Cuypers lived in the house until 1939. After that, the building was owned by the Germans during the war. After the war it was mainly used by companies. In 2016, the Moco Museum took over the building. For an average museum, the Moco Museum in Villa Alsberg is on the small side, but that makes for a special museum experience.

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