How can my museum be part of MuseumTV?

Every museum is welcome. Our goal is to offer an as complete as possible overview of the Dutch museums. Besides this we want to reach an as big as possible public. Do you want more information? Send an e-mail with your contact to [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.


What are the benefits of MuseumTV for me?

The use of marketing for a new exhibition can ask for big budgets. Budgets that aren’t always available. By giving the production of promotion videos, documentaries and art bites out hands, the knife cuts on both sides; you use our big network of professional makers and marketing professionals and our big distribution network. Besides, you will save the marketing budget.

It is the collective power of participating museums and the quality we have for the produced videos, that give us the possibility to enter into partnerships with parties that give us access to new target groups. Beautiful examples are the ANWB, with whom we’re already working and the KPN, who we will be working with from the second quarter of 2017. Besides this, MuseumTV offers a central place where the visitor gets inspired to go out of their comfort zone.


What is the difference between MuseumTV and ArtTube and other online video platforms?

We see ourselves as an addition and reinforcement to the sector. We mostly want to reach the SCP disclosed target group of the ‘interested non-visitor’. We have done quantitative and ualitative research by IPSOS to develop an effective and additional medium. We strive for a cooperation with other online platforms because we believe in the cross-pollination.


What does is cost to participate?

There are divers possibilities. Send an e-mail with your contact details to [email protected]  and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.


Does a price policy exist that takes the different budgets of museums into account?

Our standard package costs 5000 Euros. This is for exhibitions or permanent collections where sufficient marketing budget is available. MuseumTV does not pursue any commercial interests. A foundation was set up for the realisation of MuseumTV: Stichting Ons Museum (Foundation Our Museum). The Foundation aims to spread the cultural heritage of museums through video on demand. It is the purpose of Foundation Our Museum that we can reserve a budget at a later date to meet the smaller exhibitions and museums.


We also make video content ourselves. Why should we give it away?

We have found that many museums produce beautiful video content. We consider these videos as an addition to our media formats that have been developed on the basis of the Ipsos research and according to a proven editorial formula. Therefore, we also offer those using our packages the opportunity to place their own content on MuseumTV and benefit from the collective range. This is possible for 1500 euros per year, unlimited placing promos and videos.


What are the possibilities for museums?

We will discuss with you in our personal conversations how to portray your collection and/or exhibition. We will take your marketing and communication goals as a starting point.

The mission of MuseumTV is to introduce art and culture to the biggest audience possible. We do this on our joint video on demand platform for Dutch museums. Through our partners we bring the platform to the attention of the Dutch public actively.


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