Yes! Soon! MuseumTV needs to be an interactive platform where not only museums share their content but visitors can also exchange their thoughts. By our extensive review function, you can let everyone know what you thought of the exhibition and if you think MuseumTV is a valuable addition to your visit. It should be operational on our platform very soon.

You can stream every MuseumTV video. Downloading the videos is neither possible nor necessary – all videos will be saved on the website.

You can always pause your video and watch it later, but you should remember where you paused since this doesn’t get saved. Just as with any other webpage, you can save the webpage of your favourite video in your browser.

The short promotional videos and Art Bites are free for everyone. They are meant to give you an impression of the exhibition or museum, with some just covering a specific artwork or object. A MuseumTV subscription will let you access much more: the main exhibition film. These short mini-documentaries provide a lot of background information on the museum and the specifics of the exhibition. Experts are also on hand to tell you background stories.

The mission of MuseumTV is to introduce art and culture to the biggest audience possible. We do this on our joint video on demand platform for Dutch museums. Through our partners we bring the platform to the attention of the Dutch public actively.


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